Tips on designing your brand from scratch

Whether you’re a small business, a medium-sized company or an enterprise, one of the biggest challenges for your marketplace is not your product or service. It is how to design your brand.brand desing from scratch

There are many ways you can take when thinking about your brand. But the question is which one is the right way? Here are some tips for designing a brand from scratch that will set you on the right track.


No work can start without a strategy – at least when you’re dealing with serious projects like branding. If you care about what your customers will think or feel about your company, your service, or product, you need to spend some time thinking about the right approach.

How would you like to be remembered? What should things pop up in one’s mind with the mention of your name? What’s the right word or phrase that can describe your company? These are just a few things you should consider when thinking about the right approach to creating your brand.

Set up a milestone for a selected period. The strategy is about setting the goal and setting the possible scenarios. You should always have several scenarios on your table to be able to move from one to the other if needed.

Do your research

A critical component of every brand design is research. Now, most of the newbies are forgetting about this step which results in wrong brand strategies and performance.

It’s not enough to research the techniques, layouts, colors, and designs. You need to include research on your target audience, analyze their habits, patterns of thinking, or their language. Also, you need to devote some research time to competition to figure out what their brand strategy looks like.

Make a brief

brand design from scratchWhen you gather all the info you need, it’s time to collect it and organize into a brief. A brief will help you to define a path you’ll be taking more clearly. Also, brief will keep you focused on the right parts of the branding strategy – it will keep you accountable.

You need the whole experience

One of the most important points you need to keep in mind about branding is that it’s the whole experience, not just a logo, or packaging, or sales tactics. Branding is about your story – what narrative will you use to get your customer’s attention to your product or service? What impression are you aiming to leave on the people that get in touch with your brand for the first time? More importantly, how will you continue to keep people interested and engaged in your brand over the course of time?

These are just a few tips and points addressing the branding design issue. Hope you will use them well!