Are Macs Good For Gaming in 2019

Apple is a brand that is synonymous with a lot of things like exceptional design, unparalleled build quality, software that exceeds expectations, amazing customer support and more than anything their unbelievable prizes.

In spite of all these stands out features, the one place where the name Mac is never even part of the discussion is gaming. The question that has been in the minds of people for years together is that “Are Macs suitable for gaming or not?”

The question might be simple, but it is not something that can be easily answered. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered to come to a conclusion. Some of them include the pricing, hardware, design, specifications and a lot more. In this article, we shall discuss whether Macs are suitable for gaming or not.

 Gaming on Mac

One of the major requirements when it comes to gaming is a separate and dedicated graphics card. Even though there are good in-built graphics specifications, it will be distributed among various channels.  Only when you have a dedicated graphics card, it renders the user wholesome gaming experience.

When you look at the specification of most of the Macs, they seem to have what it takes to be apt for gaming. The main issue is that most of the affordable Macs entirely depend on the integrated Intel graphics. The expensive Macs are the ones that come with separate graphics cards.

When you take into consideration every aspect of gaming, you need to spend at least 1500 to 2000 dollars to get a Mac that will meet the gaming requirements. Is it worth spending? We will leave the question unanswered because it is up for you to decide whether to invest so much money on a Mac.

Before spending you should understand the fact that there are a lot of powerful PCs for that price that are exclusively built for gaming. You cannot blame Mac for being expensive, because there are a lot of things that Mac is exceeding the expectations of the users. It is not possible for any product to meet all the requirements.

Another major disadvantage of Mac when it comes to gaming is that more than eighty percent of the games are not available for Mac OS. If you consider the entire gaming world, there are nearly 7000 games available for Mac OS, and there are 20000 games available for Windows.  Even the gaming developers are much more inclined towards developing games for Windows than Mac OS.

Killing a game

There might be situations where the game stops responding to our actions. There could be a lot of reasons for that. At times it might be resolved, and at times there is no other go but to close the game in the middle. When the game stops responding it is very difficult to close the game. In PCs, you can use the task manager to close the game with the key combinations Control + Alt + Delete. In Mac, you can use the Activity Monitor to close the game by clicking the Launch Pad and selecting utility options and selection Activity Monitor. Now you can select the particular game and close it. If you need more information or confused about how to open task manager? Click Here!


With the above discussions, we can easily conclude that Macs are not the right choices when it comes to gaming. So we have a clear winner in this competition. If you ask the professionals, they will clearly advise you choose PC over Mac if your main purpose is gaming.