Factors that affect the ranking of the site

In this digital world, SEO for any business is not an option, it is mandatory. There might be a lot of sources through which you are generating your leads. But it is a huge question mark whether those leads are potential customers. The possibility of conversion is very low.

But that is not the case in SEO. In today’s situation, the leads that you generate through SEO have a very high possibility of conversion compared to any other resource. For a site to get good ranking in the search engine results, there are a lot of things that need to be considered.

SEO is not an easy task like maintaining a social media page. It requires a deep understanding and a lot of knowledge. If you are planning to do SEO for your business, it is better to outsource it to organizations like Wood & Co Creative who are very reliable and have a lot of experience in the field. In this article, we will discuss some of the parameters that affect the site ranking.

Quality of Backlinks

Backlinks refer to the mentions of your site on other websites. The quality of the site in which you get your backlinks plays a major role. You getting a backlink in some random site and getting a backlink in a good site makes a huge difference. We all know that backlink is the major parameter when it comes to SEO. It will not be an understatement if we say that it is the deciding authority when it comes to the ranking of the site. It is because manipulating backlinks is very difficult when compared to any other on-page SEO parameters.

Content quality and relevance

The content quality and the relevance that is present on every page of the site matters a lot. The important thing is the content should be relevant for what the user is searching. If it is not then there is absolutely no reason for the user to spend time in the particular site.

Just because of the content relevant it does not mean that it is going to attract or engage the user. This is where the quality of the content comes into play. When we say content it does not just refer to the text in the site, it includes the text, images, videos and any form of graphics that are used in the site.

User experience metrics

One of the parameters that Google considers to rank the website is the traffic of that website. The number of time people spends on the site, repeat traffic, click through rate are some of the things that contribute to a better ranking of the site. An increase in these parameters will only happen if the website can provide a great user experience. Simple things like shifting from one page to another and call to action button play a very curtail role when it comes to user experience.

Social Media Metrics

The presence of a website in various social media platforms is also one of the major things that affect the ranking of the site in the search engine results. It is very simple psychology that if your service or product is good enough to impress the customer, then there are good possibilities that they will share their experience in social media platforms. With more tweets and shares you will end up having a better ranking.