Steps involved in Industrial Designing

Insudtrial designing is an essential part of the process of production. It particularly comes under focus when products are to be mass manufactured. There are a few Industrial Design Company that are dedicated to do the process involved industrial designing process. Insudtrial designing does all it can to facilitate automated replication to cut down crucial time wasted in the process of production. But how does this designing go about? What are the steps involved in the entire industrial designing procedure? Let’s have a look:

Product idea

It all begins with this tiny spark – an idea. How viable is your idea? Is it even possible to manufacture what you have proposed? What are the ways, means and resources that would be required to bring your idea into reality? Also, how useful and relevant your idea is, too is a critical aspect to be considered.

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Market research

Is the product idea you have come up unique? Or is the product already existing in the market? Is the market ready for your product? That’s what you have to research a lot about. Current market trends, existing products similar to yours, the target crowd and a whole lot of other aspects are to be thoroughly analysed. If a same product is already reigning the market, what will your line of action be? How will you differentiate your product from theirs? These are the things to be dealt with at this very nascent stage.

Development of the product

What all are the resources you would require to build up this product? How is it going to function? What will be the other possible uses of this product? What quality category will this product fall in? How long will this product take to manufacture? And the central aspect – how will this product be priced? All these questions and a host of many others have to be looked out for in the development stage.

Final design

After all the rectifications, improvements, corrections, additions, you have to develop the final design of the product which then, after approval the detailed final design has to be sent to the next stage.

3D modelling of the concept

CAD is the software which helps to develop a 3D model of the final design. This software is equipped enough to bring out the aspects which need reconsideration and also those which aspects are impractical to be implemented. The designing team then has to begin working upon the model.


After a series of prototype testing, the product will be again sent for testing – and then the final procedure of manufacturing the product in bulk.