The Software Asset Management or SAM is a business practice for reclaiming budget, maximising savings by controlling procurement, usage and development of software licenses. Software asset management provides information to help your website grow allow as it also provide you software asset management strategies to build your business with the help of a better software licensing at lower costs.

Three key areas in which you can succeed at SAM is:


Each license contains specific conditions for how a product of software can be used and installed. It is the usercomplies with the terms and conditions of the license agreement, complience is made. Compliance is the key part of license management as it is essential for your business strategy as this is Software Asset Managements foundation.


To make sure that you are a compliant user, a software compliance audits will be performed on the software to know how their software is being used. If you are not compliant you will have to pay unexpected fees which can cost you big money also without licence management technology to support the process, it will take these disruptions months to complete or might even just cancel your services altogether.


If any business has more license than they need they become over compliant. They overpay to outsmart the audit, but they don’t realise that they are losing the money on audit slowly. It might not seem much, but over time, this will result in the audit failing. When you fail the compliance, you have to buy enough license to close the gap that has occurred, but often the developers will demand for a payback, and this canbe expensiveor you might be completely eliminated with Software Asset Management strategy.

The SAM Prime Directive

The key pieces of every IT business strategy are Discovery, Software Asset Management, IT Asset Management. This help to see if you are compliant and what servers to install, good discovery tools help discover tools that work for you installed network from clients to servers. There are many discovery tools available that can cover your software. It is your responsibility to find out which tool can help you provide the data you need for a clean and accurate inventory.

SAM as a part of a bigger ITAM or ITSM strategy

IT Assist Management and IT Service management are the strategies used for handling IT assets and services for business. SAM tool can help your central IT can keep software expenses down. By monitoring installation usage, configuration, central IT can make important purchasing and also license allocation decision making even the most decentralised spending decisions easy without sacrificing essential flexibilities.