About Us

Branding and design are at the core of today’s business world. One cannot imagine running a successful company without a clear and defined brand presence. However, most people are still relating name with the logo or a package, which makes it even more confusing to determine what branding is.

To help the readers, business owners, and everyone interested in marketing, we created this website. Our mission is to provide high-quality information about different aspects of branding, design, and packaging. We believe that these fields are still unknown for most people. That’s why we are aiming to set the scope of our blog to discover not only themes within the field, but also some interesting places of cross-disciplinary approaches to design.

We hope you’ll find useful, hands-on information about topics you’re passionate about. We will gladly discover some interesting things to share with you. Showing you the tips and secrets of the successful branding and packaging campaigns will help you to get the right inspiration for your projects and clients.