Easy SEO Hacks – Raison SEO Guide

Search Engine Optimisation has lately been a bi-product of the emergence of search engines, specifically Google. The content on the web depends mostly on how properly your SEO has been optimized. The kind of SEO your website exhibits has a huge impact on the visibility of your website and in turn, affects the growth of your website. Hence, it is important to design your website, in accordance with the algorithm Google implements, in order for your website to get the highest visibility. Below is an enumeration of some simple hacks you can execute for your website. Search for Chicago SEO to have a better and deep understanding of these hacks.

  1. ‘Keywords’ is the keyword in SEO: The kinds of keywords you use to describe or title your website have an immense impact on your website as they directly relate to the keywords a user would input in the search box. Google also offers Keyword Planner, which provides generic keyword ideas.
  2. Link Placements: A recent survey reports that a massive 29% of the ranking factors are affected solely because of the link one would place in the website; links which direct users to other web portals.
  3. Name, Address, Place (NAP): It is imperative of one to ensure that your NAP in all of your websites is convenient & consistent. Usage of rank tracking software significantly helps in tracking NAP inconsistencies.
  4. Optimizing Google’s My Business Page: This tool is one of the most vital when it comes to local rankings, and optimizing it isn’t an arduous task at all. All you have to do is claim your listing, verifying the account & your business details, linking your website & uploading high res. quality images.
  5. Organizing Customer Proof: If you want to grab 7-13% of ranking factor easily, keep a close eye on your reviews, case studies & testimonials by others. This highly decides the chances of getting hired by a potential client. It can take some efforts but here’s how you do it.
  6. Be more open to customers who want to build links. Many customers would want to get featured in case of studies just as much as you’d want to.
  7. Encourage reviews: A good way is to persuade customers to leave reviews, which can be done by handing out leaflets & providing a QR code in the receipt.
  8. Get Structured Data Markup: This basically gives visitors things like NAP & other positive reviews, and more reasons to use your services. But unfortunately, different tools have to be used for different platforms. Schema is a tool that can interface with Google & tools like Open Graph are used for social media sites like Linkedin, Facebook, etc.

One should ensure that the above points are implemented just as the basics, for this is just the tip of the iceberg.